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 All Purpose Mount Macro

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PostSubject: All Purpose Mount Macro   All Purpose Mount Macro I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 2:40 am

This macro will put every mount function into a single button.

First choose a macro name and icon... use the red ? icon, as it will change to show the different mounts

/cast [nomounted,flyable,nomodifier:SHIFT] Azure Netherwing Drake
/cast [nomounted,flyable,modifier:SHIFT][noflyable] Red Skeletal Warhorse

Change the bold mount names to reflect your flying and land mounts. You can also change the SHIFT button command to another button such as ALT.

How the macro works:

#showtooltip at the beginning of any macro is there to allow the mouse over spell text you get from all your normal spells, this is optional

As for the rest of the macro, if you are in a land mount only zone it will display your land mount (except Dalaran) if you're in a flying zone it will display your flying mount. If you are in a flying zone and it is displaying your flying mount yet you want to use your land mount you hold down the SHIFT key and it switches to display your land mount. Lastly if you are mounted and you click this same button it will dismount you.

All Purpose Mount Macro 821081oYbgl
All Purpose Mount Macro 821149ExQTn
All Purpose Mount Macro 821159VNlFF
All Purpose Mount Macro 821166hKnBf
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All Purpose Mount Macro
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