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 The BOOM Macro

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PostSubject: The BOOM Macro   The BOOM Macro I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 3:15 am

I choose a macro icon of an explosion and titled it BOOM, the text is:

/Use 13
/Use 14
/Cast Berserking(Racial)
/Cast Icy Veins
/Cast Combustion
/Y You've wasted enough of my time... let these games be finished!
/Em becomes enraged!

Obviously this is made for a mage but the idea is the same for everyone. with 1 click I cast every major CD I have, assuming I just used a mana stone... my spell power increases by 375, cast speed by 30% and crit by 10%. Also the last 2 lines are included for fun. I can re click it to fire off any cooled down spells even if others are not cooled yet, they will just be skipped. The only reason we're able to pull this macro off, mass casting 4 spells at once, is because most CDs dont have a global cooldown, so the macro can rapid fire one after another.

The BOOM Macro 821081oYbgl
The BOOM Macro 821149ExQTn
The BOOM Macro 821159VNlFF
The BOOM Macro 821166hKnBf
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The BOOM Macro
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