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 Two Spells on One Button Macro

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PostSubject: Two Spells on One Button Macro   Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:21 am

For your less used spells, you can combine them into a macro to save cast bar space.

Choose the Red ? Icon for your macro

/cast [ nomodifier:SHIFT] Fire Ward
/cast [ modifier:SHIFT] Frost Ward

This one is set up for a mages frost and fire wards, I dont use them offten but like to keep them out, but to keep them out would use up 2 spaces on my already full cast bar. So using this macro I have 1 button that constantly shows Fire Ward, untill I hold down SHIFT and then it shows Frost Ward. As always the #showtooltip text is to allow mouseover info.

Ideas for combined macros... food/drink, health pot/mana pot, self bandage/normal bandage, hunter food/pet food, mage self port/portal, land mount/flying mount


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Two Spells on One Button Macro
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