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 Macro Basics

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PostSubject: Macro Basics   Macro Basics I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 3:51 am

1. To open the macro creation scree type /macro or hit ESC to get to the options screen and then choose macros

2. The first step to making a macro is to choose if it will be character specific or available to all your toons. Choose this by using the tabs General Macros or Name Specific Macros. General use macros like /wave are good for the General section (which allows more macros than the toon specific section) while macros that use a character specific spell or best for the Character tab.

3. After choosing a tab click NEW, this opens the Name and Icon selection. Choose any name you like, although only about 5 letters will display without being cut off. As for the picture, that's generally your preference except for the big red ?
Macro Basics BigRed
Choosing this picture will not show a big red ?, it will show the default icon of whatever spell is in the macro, or if several spells, whichever is first. Unless it is a macro that doesn't have a default picture such as /wave then it will show the red ?.

4. Macro Commands...
#showtooltip, placing this text as the first or last line of a macro will cause the button on your cast bar to show the included spells mouse over info.
/use, /cast, these are followed by spells.
/assist TANK, replace TANK with your tanks name, clicking this macro will target his target.
/tar MOB, replacing MOB with the mob, thing or person you want to target, you can target them without seeing them, good for quick targeting or finding someone in a crowd.
/em , emotes.
/y , yells.
/s , speaks.
%t , %t in speaking macro will replace itself with your targets name
/dance, /wave, /cheer, /hug, /spit, /fart, /incoming and many more are all action commands

5. Macros can have any combination of commands up to 255 letters/spaces. A /cast spell can be followed by a /y yell and /em emote for fun. Multiple /casts can be used to cast several spells at once. The only rule is you cannot interrupt the global cooldown of spells. If your macro casts a spell with a global CD, that CD will still be ticking down when the macro tries to cast the next spell an instant later, this will cause the macro to stop altogether, a macro cannot pause to wait for a global CD. This keeps you from creating a macro of your entire spell rotation and being able to fight by clicking 1 button. So, arrange your cast sequence from spells with NO global CD first, and finish with the spell WITH a global CD. If you have 2 spells with a global CD, they cannot run in the same macro, sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: Macro Basics   Macro Basics I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2009 2:11 pm

HEY DAX.... luk ât dis fer me. ♥

“Total Pet Çare”

This macro will mend your pet if it is with you or calls your pet if it isn’t. If your pet is dead, this macro will revive it. You can Alt+Click this macro to feed your pet, Shift+Click to dismiss your pet, or Ctrl+Click to tame a new pet. To feed your pet with this macro, be sure to specify the correct food from your bags in the last line. To tame a new pet, make sure you don’t have a pet with you, and that your intended target is selected.

/cast [nopet] Call Pet; [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet
/cast [pet, nomodifier, button:1] Mend Pet
/cast [modifier:shift] Dismiss Pet;
/cast [pet, modifier:alt] Feed Pet
/cast [pet, modifier:ctrl] Tame Beast
/use [pet, modifier:alt] Clefthoof Ribs

where it says 'pet' in the [], do i need to put my pet's name? or just leave it as pet
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Macro Basics
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