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 Emalon the Storm Watcher (NEW VOA BOSS)

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PostSubject: Emalon the Storm Watcher (NEW VOA BOSS)   Emalon the Storm Watcher (NEW VOA BOSS) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 12:25 pm

10 / 25 Man Abilities

Emalon uses only lightning abilities.

He has 4 adds called Tempest Minions, who will get a buff, "Overcharged" , that increases their damage by 20%. Stacks up to 12 times! Emalon keeps 4 adds up all the time , each has to be off-tanked. If one add gets killed, a new one respawns.

-Chain Lightning (Does a chain lightning attack, for safety spred out)
-Lightning Nova (Is an aoe affect around Emalon, melee and tank cant avoid)


So far all information I have found states both 10 and 25 man versions are the same, here are two Tempest Minions on the way to Emalon, just tank and spank them they do gain the damage increase by 20% so you have to kill them fast, you can tell this because they grow substatally in size. As for the main boss, have your maintank generally tank Emalon in the middle of the room with melee attempting to spread out 10 yards around him, along with the rest of the parrty just to be safe to try and avoid most of the chain lightning. The offtank will be tanking the 4 Temepest minions generally to the left or right of the main boss, this fight is a simple tank and spank the only difference is the abilities of the temepest minions have to be whatched carefully by the offtank. One one of them begins to gain the "Overcharge" ability like state above it has to be killed before it reaches 12 stacks or it will do an aoe and kill the party. So the short and simple version tank boss in mid, Ot tank adds to side, everyone spread out, when one add begings to overcharge offtank mark it and dps must kill it then back to the boss, and the OT picks up the next new spawn of the add. Rinse and repeat tank and spank.... DOO EEET


On Normal (10 man), he drops two items, which can be a hand, leg or chest T8 (10) set piece for any class (the item itself, not the token) or Furious Gladiator's Season 6 assortments.

As with normal (10-man), heroic (25-man) loot consists of a random selection of four Tier 8 (25) or Furious Gladiator's Season 6 items; hand, leg or chest. Additionally, he has a chance to drop "Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth".



I know its not very clear, but it gives you erm somewhat of and idea.
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Emalon the Storm Watcher (NEW VOA BOSS)
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