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PostSubject: Ikeda.....   Ikeda..... I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 6:59 am

... I assure you I can do this far longer than you can. Mostly because for every new email account and proxy you go through that takes 15 minutes, it takes me 5 seconds to remove and ban. No one ever sees any of it, any new posts email alert me. And while you have to use proxies now, don't forget I have your original IP with charter. I have that IP you'll remember, because your first 11 posts were made from that one, the very same IP tinkarbell used to post her picture and posts months before, so if you think there's any doubt that its you, you'd be wrong. That said....man up to your shit! Say it and pretend you didn't? That's no better than not saying it at all, unless your so ashamed of your own opinion you don't want to be associated with it. And you really should be ashamed of it. To have pictures like that at hand to use, and to say things like that... is not that of a normal person, even the most pissed off person.

On a related note, while I'm nothing of a "hacker" or something, I know enough to be a bother. And if your best threat is to post my IP on 4chan, where a bunch of people rejected even by the internet, will tell you nothing but "not ur personal army hurr durr" Then, my methods are assuredly better than yours, eeden. You've logged in our vent, and you've logged in on your friends connection too, the IP bullshit goes both ways.
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